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After hanging in the gun rack untouched for about 6 months i deceided today to take my 185 series 14 out to shoot a few rounds.I also had a 10 rd. mag that had been sitting loaded for the same length of time.At 60 yds.,with iron sights,I rested on my truck tool box and fired the mag full at a 3" orange dot.6 o'clock hold.All 10 rds. went into a group that measured just under 2 inches.Nothing to brag about but,i am happy with that and confident the mini will do what i want it too.The gun now has atotal of about 800 rds. through it.It has NEVER failed to fire or eject.I have done a trigger job,bedded,and installed a accustrut.My load is a 55 gr. rem.hppl with 27 gr. of blc2.Perfect functioning and,to me,acceptable accuracy.Of all the guns i own,the mini is my favorite to shoot.Not the most accurate but,the most fun.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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