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dry firing and mag changes

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Hello gentlemen, hope everyone is having a good weekend. Couple of questions, does it hurt the Mini-14 to dry fire it? Also regarding mag changes, it seems to me that I need to hold the mag release down with one hand while I remove the mag with the other. I have tried to do both with one hand but the mag does not come free. In a tactical class this would be somewhat slow. Does anyone else have any recommendations? Maybe my catch is just too tight.
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In general it is not recommended to dry fire any weapon, as it puts a shock on the firing pin. Use snap caps for this.

When I was in the marines, and received 2 weeks of marksmenship training with the m-14. If my memory serves, we dry fired for 2 days learning to hold position, sight picture, breath control, trigger squeeze, and calling our shots. We had 3 broken firing pins out of 75 rifles, in 2 weeks.

Midway, midsouth, natchez, has them, also gun shows is a good source.

My 5 rnd - 30 rd mags are easily removed using my left hand. Maybe your stock is rubbing on the mag, and needs to be trimed?
The schools will have you standing up dumping a mag on the ground and reloading with a new one. In real life this will get you dead.
Unless the bad guy graduated from the same school you did. Just kidden :p Dave has a good point, its a good idea to be behind cover anyway when shooting or getting shot at.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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