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dry firing and mag changes

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Hello gentlemen, hope everyone is having a good weekend. Couple of questions, does it hurt the Mini-14 to dry fire it? Also regarding mag changes, it seems to me that I need to hold the mag release down with one hand while I remove the mag with the other. I have tried to do both with one hand but the mag does not come free. In a tactical class this would be somewhat slow. Does anyone else have any recommendations? Maybe my catch is just too tight.
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Maddog, you really don't need to change magazines that fast. Depress the catch with your right hand and remove the mag with your left.

The shooting schools sometimes give you drills that have very little real world value. The chance that you will shoot your 30 mag dry or near dry is a million to one. If you are unfortunate enough to have to ever reload your gun in a firefight, DO IT BEHIND COVER!!!!! The schools will have you standing up dumping a mag on the ground and reloading with a new one. In real life this will get you dead. You should be shooting behind cover or running to cover. And, if you are behind cover, you will have time to reload.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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