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dry firing and mag changes

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Hello gentlemen, hope everyone is having a good weekend. Couple of questions, does it hurt the Mini-14 to dry fire it? Also regarding mag changes, it seems to me that I need to hold the mag release down with one hand while I remove the mag with the other. I have tried to do both with one hand but the mag does not come free. In a tactical class this would be somewhat slow. Does anyone else have any recommendations? Maybe my catch is just too tight.
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Does this happen with the factory mag or does it drop out? I got a Masen mag that was part of a bad batch that had the catch stamp on the mag slightly misplaced and they were hard to get to latach and release. (Masen replaced it)

I would compare the length from the top of the lip to the bottem of the catch stamp if this length is too long you can always file it down to factory length.
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