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I've got some on the way, thanks!

I'm looking for the REAL stuff! I.E. it has to have the SEVEN inner strands at 30lb test each. I don't care about color, just quality.

I'd like to get 300 feet in as long of lengths as possible. 100ft preferred, but I'll take 50ft pieces as well.

I would like to trade either two Wenger SAK's for it or an Uncle Mike's #4 Large Revolver holster for it. Description below.

If that doesn't work, let me know your price and we'll see what we can work out!

A pair of Wenger Swiss Army Knives. The first is a 'basic' with Large Blade 2.5", bottle opener/large screwdriver, can opener, fingernail file, corkscrew and awl.
The second is a smaller version with Large Blade 1.5", fingernail file, scissor, tweezers, I see I've lost the tooth pick :eek: .

Uncle Mike's green camo hip holster Size #4 for large frame revolvers.

Thanks for looking!
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