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This morning I was changing the combo on my safe and my wife started talking to me while I was in the process. I lost concentration and succeeded in changing the combo but forgot what it was! I ended up with the door open but locked and couldn't get it unlocked. I spent the day at work trying to remember the new combo and came home and started punching in numbers to no avail. I looked in the owners manual and it said the mfg doesn't store combos, and if you forget yours you'll have to a lock smith drill it out. I figured with it locked open there would be access through the inside of the door, but it would still require a lock smith.
So I took my new puppy out for some exercise and was thinking about the number I had planned on using and where I might have gone wrong. Sure enough I was off by one number because of the layout of the key pad not being typical of like a 10 key. So I gave it another try and got it right! Man, was that a close one!
This is exactly why I dont listen to my wife when she talks ;)
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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