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Dissasemble a Mini-30?

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How do I dissasemble my Mini-30, take out the trigger group, etc? I don't want to bugger it up, but want to check out the innards and install an Uncle Mike's sling stud so I can mount a bi-pod. How do I install a buffer? Thanks, Stan in Southern New Mexico
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Hey peep, I don't have a 30, but I believe disassembly is exactly the same as a 14. Ruger will send you a manual for free. Call (603) 865-2442. Till then you can use this link. The buffer can be installed during step #7.

A note on installing the sling stud. I had room on my Hogue stock using a thin nut, and grinding off excess thread, but there is no room in my Stock Ruger wood stock, as the Forearm Liner & Stock Cap Assy lays right down on the bottom of the channel. This part hasta be there. If you have a wood stock you could try a wood screw type stud, and grind off protruding threads, but the stock is very thin, (3/10") don't know if enough threads will be strong enough. Or you will have to get a mini adaptor for the bipod. It fits on the gas block sling swivel holes.
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