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Dissasemble a Mini-30?

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How do I dissasemble my Mini-30, take out the trigger group, etc? I don't want to bugger it up, but want to check out the innards and install an Uncle Mike's sling stud so I can mount a bi-pod. How do I install a buffer? Thanks, Stan in Southern New Mexico
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Cajungeo, Thanks for the info. I picked this Mini-30 up second hand and the orig owner did not have the scope rings. I find out Ruger's scope rings are $50 or so, Redfield are $30, and that Millet make scope rings for the Ranch also. I will check them out and see what may work better.

I will check out the site you gave me and look into my stock. Even a rectangular, tapped metal plate may work, epoxied in place, but I'll give it a look see. I'm planning on sending it to Mike for the bedding, trigger work and gas port bushing. This thing looks like a ton of fun. I've had Garands, and M1 Carbines and liked none of them. I don't like the fit of the AK or SKS either. Thanks again, Stan, AKA Dr. Stan or Peepsite!
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