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In California the 45/410 barrel has been outlawed for many years (Thompson Contender, American Derringer, etc). I do have an American Derringer M1 in 357. I've used it for several years in Cowboy Shooting. In fact, I've won a few side matches with it - at 7 yards it is very accurate.

The Bond larger, is built and finished far better but this American Derringer is built like a tank!

That said, on my American Derringer model M1 in 357:

1) the barrels were bored off-center off the barrel blank;

2) the grip bottom has a raw jagged edge that was never polished and missed the quality control inspection;

3) the crossbolt safety catch is spring loaded and the detent is held by spring pressure from the hammer. The instant you start to cock the hammer, the safety snaps off and out of the hammer'spath. This also means brushing the hammer (as in a pocket) "can" release the hammer and lower it - under spring pressure - onto the firing pins, one of which in turn, will be resting upon alive primer! NOT good!! Because of this I would NEVER consider this as a house gun.

4) loading the tip up barrels requires some practice to keep from pointing them at yourself and to learn how to control the piece as you lower the hammer into the safety detent

5) lots of folks complain about the stiff triggers on these guns. The triggers are not stiff but you need to know "the trick". You don't pull these triggers straight back, you pull DOWN and back at the same time. That takes some learning too

In all, this has to be the single most dangerous firearm I've ever seen to carry loaded in ANY pocket (and in my 60 years I've seen, I've carried, and currently own more than you might imagine).

It is, however a fun toy and might make a good snake gun if safely carried in a belt holster with a hammer strap that would prevent brushing the hammer back far enough to release the safety.

I guess it all depends on why you want one. For my applications I enjoy mine and I'd buy another (of course you can't do that any more in California).

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