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I received an 8766XX SA Danish w/ some of the following parts:
Bolt -6 SA
Rear Sight LockBar type unknown to me, but no spring or detent on the right side upon disassembly. BATTLE triangle RANGE w/ Solid arrowheads
Follower 12
Trigger Guard Milled 7
Hammer -2 SA
Safety -9 SA
Trigger housing -12 SA Cloverleaf
OpRod 3 SA
Gas cylinder "H" on top rear, "K" on Bayo Lug ---finish is rough but not like the Berretta ones I've seen at SARCO
Barrel 10/51 VAR

My questions are : Who made the Trigger Guard, Gas Cylinder?
Are any of the other parts valuable and thus not shootable. I mean should I replace them to protect them and/or sell/trade them to collectors.
Shot it today, had some nice groups at 50yds, at 100yds put 7 of 8 in a "3x5" group. Trigger lockup weak, LockBar would shoot itself loose.
Should I ask CMP for a tighter stock and a new rear sight or parts for the lockbar?? I would do some work on the stock myself, but I'd like to shoot this one in some JCG matches (no alterations to stock allowed)
Any help is always appreciated,
Dave :cannon: :confused: :confused:
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