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Dances with Wolves

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Finally released on DVD. :cool:

My only wish is for the fullscreen version. This film is to big a gem for widescreen. :D


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It's funny. In a discussion with a friend at work several years ago, he thought the movies on TV that showed up in letterbox were some kind of cut-rate thing. After explaining it to him he understood.

I belong to Netflix and rent a lot of DVDs. I watch them on a Mac with the 22" Digital Cinema Display. There are no scanning lines. Though I try to stay away from full screen versions, sometimes I don't notice it in the writeup, or want to see the movie so badly that I'll put up with it.

Most of the full screen versions have scanning lines as though they were made from video while the widescreen one usually don't. They seem to be totally digital from film.
Yes. It's called DWW: Special Edition

This is the regular one:

I decided to rent it since I had it up on the computer.
Netflix says that it's due for release June 17.

Amazon has it listed for sale and says ships within 24 hours. It says nothing about being a new release.
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