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I am a disabled veteran trying to supplement my retirement income.
Below is proof of my skills at my web site. Can you help by passing along the word?
Jerry Martin Cane and Gunstock Carving
Custom hand carved walking sticks with unique patented comfortable pistolgrip design. Pure rich goldleaf and silver highlighted trim available. Beautifuly custom carved gunstocks, a art object.
Shotguns, rifles, your design or ours. Comments welcomed.

The carving looks great. There isn't anything I can tell you about your craft, but computers and their networds are mine, so I'll make a few suggestions on the web site itself. Take'em or leave'em, but here they are.

I would seriously consider a shorter URL. Don't try to describe everything in the address, as it makes it difficult to remember and get back to if a user doesn't put the site in favorites.

The address "" or the like is much easier to remember and to type in the address bar correctly. You don't have to change the site or any links you already have up if you decide to do this. You can have the shorter url automatically redirect to your current page.

I have some comments about your right click suppression java script, too. I'll email that, however, as it concerns your attempts to secure your copyrighted material. The subject line will read "javascript."
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