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here's how I did it. The entry fees are 3-4x as high today as back then, so say $20 to enter the match. Guarantee a total purse-take of $400, ie, 20 entrants. guarantee to pay first place 30% of the purse, or $120, whichever is greater, second place 20% or $80, whichever is greater, 3rd place 10% and 4th place 5% etc. So all you have to do is WIN and you get 65% of the purse. Regardless, tho, at least 3 other people get to win some money.

You can of course vary the %ages and numbers of places paid as you wish, I'm just stating what got 15 or more people to come to my matches, regularly, and I lived 50 miles from any towns over 10,000 population, and there weren't all that many towns with 5,000 population within 20 miles, either. :) Those were regular IPSC matches, back in the 70's. HAVING to win (or lose money) puts a fair amount of pressure on you, even if you ARE the best shottist for many miles around. :)

So, if you want to see who is the fastest, from "hand on gun, in a pocket holster" start, or all inside 5 yds, most of it inside 6ft, or whatever, you can find out. Paying out $135, and keeping $265 (of $400) is a pretty good day's pay, for having fun. Of course, you have to provide the place to shoot, the targets, target stands, timer(s) any props required, run the match, send out the results and the next match description, pay the postage on all those envelopes, etc.

It's a good idea to provide coaching, and a rental gun, holster, mags, mag pouches, belt, etc, and sell reloads, cause a lot of people who are interested enough to show up are not going to have proper gear. Unless they work out with you a lot first, tho, best to not start them with a cocked and locked SA auto, cause the urge to "go faster" can have tragic consequences with that light, short trigger pull and bad timing of the safety and trigger manipulation! I've seen enough "close calls", and had a few of my own, to not be all that comfortable suggesting renting out SA autos to novices. Not without quite a bit of background work, before the stress of competition is added! Beware, you can have your butt sued off.
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