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Couple of items: in December or so, I may (I have to get
a new car, it seems) be selling some of my rifles. Nothing
concrete yet, I am trying to decide which ones I can bear to
get rid of. Only definite decision is my Beretta will NOT be
one of them. Most have very fine barrels, some .308, some
.30/06. Contact me if interested, and describe what you

Also, see the below re-edited e-mail. I am looking for some
copy from WAAAAYYYYYYYY back, published as noted:

Welcome, [email protected]

Apparently in 1998, while I was still in Arizona and
involved in a major legal battle, GUN WORLD ran a couple
of M1 articles I wrote, apparently named "The Early M1 Garand"
and "The Garand Goes to War"... I have to say "apparently"
because I never saw them, but have seen them quoted.

After six years of trying to get the publishers, Y-Visionary,
to send me a copy of the magazine or even a decent print, I am
trying to complete my portfolio, and have decided to try to
get one "outside channels", since the current editor and
publisher won't even answer letters, e-mails, faxes, or any
other means of communication. Frankly, I am not quite sure
the magazine even still exists.

If anyone can supply these, I will gladly purchase same.
Even a decent photocopy would probably suffice.

In case you wonder, yes, this is fairly typical of the
publications industry.

You want to really get an ear full some time, ask me about
errors carefully "edited into" copy... And then they sign
the writer's name, so he can take all the flak!!!

Anyway, I need them, and you can e-mail me scans if you might
have the original(s) at [email protected].

Or let me know if you have the complete mag, and I will
buy it. These were supposed to be supplied to me at the time,
but nothing ever showed up. If you have copies lying around,
I am VERY interested.


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Since the New York House, Harris Publications/Harris Press has gone belly up, I am also trying to get copies of my stuff ( over 100 articles!! ) they ran over the past ten to twelve years. Photocopies or electronic files will suffice, albeit intact magazines are best.

Please PM me if you find something. There were surplus articles and more modern items, too.
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