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I've decided to sell my reloading equipment. I haven't used it in 3 years, and now mainly shoot .22 rimfire, 9mm and 7.62 x 39, of which I have a large stock of ammo.
I started handloading in 1978 and replaced much of this gear 10 years ago.
Almost all of the gear is made by RCBS, with the exception of a few Lyman hand tools and a Frankfort Arsenal tumbler. RCBS is top notch stuff and has a lifetime, no questions asked replacement warranty.

Rockhucker Press
Trim Pro Case Trimmer w/ shellholders and neck guides
Rangemaster 2000 Digital Scale
RCBS (Ohaus) 1010 Balance Beam Scale
Duo Powder Measure ( for larger charges)
Little Dandy Powder Measure ( for pistol and light rifle charges)
17 Rotors for the Little Dandy Measure
Powder Measure Stand
Stuck Case Remover
2 Hand Priming Tools w/ Spare Parts
Inertia Bullet Puller (Frankfort Arsenal)
Drop Tube Powder Funnel with different size spouts
Standard Powder Funnel
Powder Trickler with Adjustable Base
RCBS Chamfer/Deburr Tool
Vibratory Tumbler for brass polishing (Frankfort Arsenal) (not shown in pic)
Jug of Extra Walnut Tumbling Media for Tumbler (Lyman) (not shown in pic)
Large Handle Chamfer/Deburr Tool (Lyman)
Inside Primer Pocket Deburr Tool (Lyman)
Primer Pocket Cleaning Tool (Lyman)
6 Loading Blocks, both plastic and wood
Many Small Parts, such as Extra Seater Stems and Expansion Stems
Hornady, Oregon Trail (cast loads) and Lyman (the big book !) Reloading Manuals (not shown in pic). The Hornady and Lyman manuals are among the latest, if not the latest editions.

There is over $1000 worth of equipment, the Rockchucker Press and Rangemaster Digital Scale alone sell for$350. The Rotors for the Little Dandy Measure cost $16 each and there are 17 of them.
I'm selling all of the above for $350, plus shipping to your location. I'll get an estimate for shipping based on your zip code. Paypal (preferred), or Postal Money Order.
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