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Come and Shoot at the Tac Pro Shooting Center 3-Gun Match (May 17th)

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Hi, Everyone. This is my first post and I thought I would get acquainted by letting you know about something I really enjoy.

3 Gun Combat Match

For those of you that do not know what a 3-Gun Match is, it is a tactical combat shooting match where you compete with Rifles, Shotgun and Pistols.

The Match consist of 6 stages, two for each weapon, sometimes you may use two weapons per stage. While the targets range from Steels to Official Defense Pistol Targets with a few hostages and bystanders mixed in.

Rifle Stages generally do not extend past 200 yds. but have been as close as 10 yds. You can use optics/scopes or iron sights but your score will be score differently, but the added benefit/speed of the scope is worth the time difference. The rifle must be a centerfire caliber and no bi-pods allowed.

Pistol Stages can range from a scenario where you are in a gas station bathroom to a terrorist situation. The targets here will swing and move un-expectantly so anything is to be expected. The pistol must be 9mm/38 special minimum and you must have an IDPA type holster since they are to be worn at all stages. No optics or compensators allowed on the pistols.

Shotgun Stages are always steel popper targets and can be a home invasion scenario to a pleasant walk down a dry creek bed, engaging target as you go. The shotgun has to be at least a 20 gauge with no optics or Tech Speed loaders and an 8 round maximum capacity. You can use any load except slugs.

There are generally about 60 shooters that range from police officers to Cowboy Action Shooters. Mostly men but a few women participate and have a great time. It starts promptly at 9am and last till we are done. Door prizes are plentiful and have ranged from Pistols, cases of ammunition, holsters, gunsmith tools, etc… There will be concessions available for lunch, probably Bar-B-Q.

The entry fee is $50. For Tac Pro Shooting Center Members and $65. for Non-Members. If you do not want to compete come out and watch, I can guarantee you will be hooked. Just email me if you have any questions.
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I agree with Mike about the getting hooked. Almost an obsession now for me at least. Which rifle to shoot? Which pistol? What kind of load for the shotgun? Which shotgun?? This "competition" is well worth the trip for those of you in the DFW/Abilene/Wichita Falls/San Angelo/Waco Texas areas.
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