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Colt Python Barrel - FOR SALE on Ebay!

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Hi all:

I have a Colt Python Barrel 4" Nickel, .357 Item # 1987719497 listed on Ebay with photos (I also listed the cylinder and sideplate in a separate auction) See the description or put the link below in your browser. Auction ends 1/14/02 so HURRY!:

Colt Python Barrel, 4 inch, with front sight, Original Nickel plating, bore is like new; I'd be surprised if it shot more than a couple of rounds through it (see my auction for the cylinder from the same gun; there is almost no turn ring from the cylinder stop on it); and see photos (Click on Supersize for detail!). The 4" inch nickel barrels are RARE! You don't often
see them available. It does have some small scratches on the under-lug, but not noticeable from the side view. There is a small pin-head sized ding above the "D" in "HARTFORD, CONN." on the right side (it may have come out of the factory like that) and some tiny dings, nearly microscopic, on the left side toward the crown. Both of these minor flaws are so small, they don't even show up in the photos. It's really in excellent condition and I'm probably making it sound worse than it is, however, as a buyer I don't like surprises either. Descriptions like "Nice" just don't cut it for me. See my other auction for the cylinder and side plate in similar condition, which ends 1/2 hour after this auction; (Colt Python Cylinder & Side Plate Gun Parts, Item #1987720852). Buy both and save on shipping!

Good luck!!!
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