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I'm 90% sure that the San Gabriel Valley gun club in Duarte would hold a high power match. I used to shoot there all the time when I lived in LA. They are listed on the CMP affiliate list. "Who do I talk to if I want to participate in the a high power match?" would be the right question to ask. Perhaps the guy answering the phone won't know, but get in contact with an offical of the club. I'm sure they'll help.
BTW - I just participated in my first high power match with my M1A last week for my CMP qualification. What a blast! Shot 378 out of 500.
When you talk to the guy who runs the match, ask what exactly the strings will be. (10 standing slow, 10 sitting fast, etc)
It will help you to know what to expect. Be sure to mention that you need documentation for your CMP qualification. The club I shot at had a form that they used.
Oh yeah, you also have to join an affiliated club to qualify CMP. So send you $18 to the Calif Rifle and Pistol Assoc now as they are slow in thier processing.
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