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Others may disagree, but when I got my second Mini, a Ranch Rifle with wood stock, I checked the bore, lubed the rails, ran the bolt a few times and took it to the range. After firing about 200 rnds with no problems at all, I took the gun home, disassembled it, cleaned it and put it away. The gun is practically fail-safe with just a little common sense care and cleaning. Enjoy your rifle.

p.s. This new Mini shot 1" 50 yd. groups, tight and well centered using iron sights. I use a combat zero of 1" high at 25 yds., and this gun fits that very well. I am happy with my new second gun. My son "borrowed" my first Mini, a SS Ranch Rifle with synthetic stock, but we shoot together alot, so I will see it again. . . . lol
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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