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When I got my second Mini this year, I took it completely apart and cleaned it with carburetor cleaning and bore snake and then used grease and a little oil to lube it. However, 25 years ago when I got my first Min, I was like you and was afraid to take it completely apart (they didn't have the internet back then). What I did then was take the trigger group off and took the action out of the stock. I then lock the slide back and you can pretty much clean everything from there. I then hosed everything down with WD40 (I'll catch a lota crap about this). Ran a cleaning rod and brass brush down the barrel a couple of times. I then wiped it all down and lube it with oil. I had no issues with either method. If you take it all apart and have trouble getting back together, you can come back on here and you will get lots of help. One very common mistake people make is not cocking the gun and putting the safety on before they try to take the trigger group out and then try to force it and bend the trigger group latch. One other tip, when you take the recoil spring out, the recoil buffer and pin will fall out and when you put the spring back, make sure you don't put it in upside down. Good luck and have fun with your new Mini.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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