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cleaning new mini 14

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Just recieved the Ruger mini 14 yesterday. What should i do and use to clean whatever its coated with?
Do I have to dissasemble the whole thing as in the Ruger tech video, as Im a little nervous about getting it all apart and back. Thanks in advance,
Doug in ne Pa.
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You can't go wrong with Hoppe's and following Ruger's video.

I would disassemble completely before shooting. If you familiarize yourself with it before shooting then you'll know if anything looks out of the ordinary when you clean it later.

Don't worry about getting it back together. There are plenty of good folks here to help you out.
Just remember that a hammer is NOT needed for reassembly .:lol:
Take your time and watch the video a couple times. Definitely disassemble and clean and lube completely first. Up to you if you want to break in the barrel first, do some research on this and decide for yourself. An Otis cleaning system works well for bore duties.
Otis Tactical Gun Cleaning System - Gander Mountain
You will also appreciate a Chamber Maid for chamber duties.
CJ Weapons Chamber Maid Flex Rod Kit 223 Remington AR-15 8 x 32 Thread
A Bore Snake is handy also.
Hoppe's BoreSnake Bore Cleaner Rifle 22 Cal
These things sure make life easier when it comes to cleaning a Mini IMO. There is a lot of info on this site so read and welcome to the forum!
When I got my second Mini this year, I took it completely apart and cleaned it with carburetor cleaning and bore snake and then used grease and a little oil to lube it. However, 25 years ago when I got my first Min, I was like you and was afraid to take it completely apart (they didn't have the internet back then). What I did then was take the trigger group off and took the action out of the stock. I then lock the slide back and you can pretty much clean everything from there. I then hosed everything down with WD40 (I'll catch a lota crap about this). Ran a cleaning rod and brass brush down the barrel a couple of times. I then wiped it all down and lube it with oil. I had no issues with either method. If you take it all apart and have trouble getting back together, you can come back on here and you will get lots of help. One very common mistake people make is not cocking the gun and putting the safety on before they try to take the trigger group out and then try to force it and bend the trigger group latch. One other tip, when you take the recoil spring out, the recoil buffer and pin will fall out and when you put the spring back, make sure you don't put it in upside down. Good luck and have fun with your new Mini.
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have to admit, the mini 14 was my first rifle (purchased) at 18 and i loved it because it was so easy to field strip and clean, i know the AK is much easier, but this is a huge plus for mini owners, enjoy your new rifle!

Once you ger used to the gun, you can easily disassemble it in under a minute, its great!
cleaning new mini14

Boy, thanks to all. Glad to know someone has my back if I run into trouble.
What is the crap on the gun anyway, cosmoline?
Others may disagree, but when I got my second Mini, a Ranch Rifle with wood stock, I checked the bore, lubed the rails, ran the bolt a few times and took it to the range. After firing about 200 rnds with no problems at all, I took the gun home, disassembled it, cleaned it and put it away. The gun is practically fail-safe with just a little common sense care and cleaning. Enjoy your rifle.

p.s. This new Mini shot 1" 50 yd. groups, tight and well centered using iron sights. I use a combat zero of 1" high at 25 yds., and this gun fits that very well. I am happy with my new second gun. My son "borrowed" my first Mini, a SS Ranch Rifle with synthetic stock, but we shoot together alot, so I will see it again. . . . lol
Doug, the riskiest part of Mini takedown is replacing the recoil spring on reassembly. If it gets away from you it will launch the guide rod briskly and it has quite a sharp nose.

To make things easier, lube the guide rod but not the spring until you have the spring back in place. Then lube the spring through the holes in the oprod. Otherwise a lubed spring can be quite hard to control under tension. This is not a problem in disassembly, only reassembly.

Allow lots of time to familiarize yourself with the Mini - it become much easier with a little practise. Don't take it apart the first time 10 minutes before you plan to go and shoot. If you must, drench the action with CLP and wipe off the excess. Wipe the bore with CLP and then wipe it dry. Shoot the gun and if it is unhappy, field strip and clean it properly like you should have to begin with.
cleaning new m14

Thanks again. What a helpfull bunch of folks.
Guess Ill have to suck it up and take it apart. Im worried about the coating that came on it new, si Ill give it a shot.
Will Hoppes take care of it ok?
Hoppes will work fine.
I was surprised when I took my new 582 RR out of the box and couldn't see down the bore of the barrel. I ran a cleaning rod through and out popped a big oily dust ball. I decided I better tear the gun apart to give it the thorough inspection I would have thought Ruger would have done before putting it in the box. Sure enough, the internals were caked with dust and grime like the parts had been sitting in an open wherehouse for weeks before assembly. Needless to say, I was fairly disappointed this lack of attention to detail. However, after a good cleaning, it was a good shooter.
What did you mean by breaking in the barrel?

What do you mean by breaking in the barrel?

Sorry for the double post.
i checked it out, si I now know what you meant about a break in period, cleaning, etc;
Here is one I found.
so many opinions... yea it's confusing


As soon as my friends found out I bought a new mini they started forwarding me articles about how to properly break in the barrel. Wanting to treat my new weapon properly I came to my favorite gun forum and browsed for some 'break-in' input from the many knowledgeable folks here. Unfortunately, I came out just as confused as when I came in, so i went to Ruger. This is what they told me when I asked about breaking in my new mini tactical:


Thank you for using the Ruger On-Line Customer Support Request Form.

This e-mail is in response to your question or comment of 03/05/2009
Request No: XXXXX

Comment / question:

Does Ruger have a recommended barrel break in method? I have a new mini-14 tactical rifle. thanks.

Our firearms do not need a break in period.

If you need further information, please visit our website at or contact us at:

Revolvers, shotguns, rifles, 10/22 Charger Pistol: (603) 865-2442
Pistols: (928) 778-6555
Serial Number History Information: (603) 865-2424

Please note: This e-mail is sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message.
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The gun will get smoother as you shoot it more, breaking in. I would take the trigger group out and add a little oil. Pull the barrel and the rest op the action out and add a little oil on the guide rod that has the long spring on it, it holds the op rod in place. I would not disassemble the op rod and spring yet. Clean the barrel with standard cleaner like Hoppes and add a little oil to the sides of the bolt and side were the handle rides in track.
Don't be afraid to ask for help. ;)
Cleaning m14

Well, I took the gun apart, partially.
I removed trigger assembly, barrel, and cleaned from there.
I thought I would see if I made out ok and got it back together, then after im more familiar and confident, Ill take it all the way down.
It wasnt as bad as I thought, dirty wise, except for the bore.
I couldnt believe how filthy it was inside.
I rinsed parts off with carb cleaner and lightly oiled everything. Next time Ill pull the spring,slide handle, and cover plate.
One more question, please,
Is the 20 round clips I have come apart the same as in the video, and book?They only show 5 round clips. I believe they come apart the same, but once again, I dont want to bust them.
Should I take them apart and clean, or just spray some cleaner in there and let dry, then oil?
Dont want to fix something that aint broke. Thanks for all the advice everyone.
Doug in Pa.
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Doug, if you are going to oil the inside of a mag, use a paper towel or cloth and leave only an almost imperceptible film. You do not want oil on the ammo as the cases are meant to grip the chamber wall on firing. Oily ammo greatly increases bolt thrust and would be like shooting proof rounds on every shot with respect to the load the locking lugs have to bear. A few times won't matter, but don't make a practice of it.

Ruger factory mags should be good to shoot as they are. If you must, spray them inside with carb cleaner, swish around and let it drain inverted. Do not spray oil into the mags.

You can wipe the outside of the mags down with a little CLP to prevent corrosion from handling.
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