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I can not recommend Otis cleaning kits highly enough.

Otis uses a cable pull through system. This offers many benefits:

1. you can't bend a rod
2. you can pull a tighter patch than you can push
3. you don't have to worry about chipping the crown as you do with multi-piece rods
4. you always work from the chamber to the crown. you aren't pulling crud into the chamber (or locking lugs on the AR-15)

Kits are available that are universal, or specialized kits such as the M16 buttstock kit or the M4 kit with alice clips. Both are standard issue military kits now.

A little bit about Otis Products, Inc.
The Otis Technology Breech-toMuzzle cleaning System is widely regarded by experts as the most advanced gun cleaning system in the world. It offers many gun cleaning advancements and refinements developed or the military and competitive marksmen and hunters. By cleaning breech to muzzle, dirt and fouling is pulled out the muzzle, not pushed back into the action, gumming the trigger or causing malfunctions. The patented all-caliber patches not only provide six passes per patch, but form a perfectly circular cleaning plug. Because the slotted tip with the patch is pulled through the chamber, it doesn't compress the patch against the side of the rod. Conventional rods will jam off-center, scraping the rifling in the process, and potentially ruining the bore. The 750 lb. pull strength of the Otis Memory flex rod allows you to tightly form the patch to the bore, actually cleaning it rather than just moving the dirt around. The tight patch is formed by being pulled through the changer, compressing in the throat, and cleans the leading edge of the fifling, the edge that actually bears the stress of the rotating bulet. For shotguns, custome soft durometer plugs, ("patch savers") force the patch to the full diameter of the bore, cleaning the chamber, forcing cone, bore and choke -- allwithout having to disassemble the gun!

The principle components of the Otis System are so well built that they are warrantied for life! The circular all-caliber patches are mode of 100% cotton, and unlike cheap synthetic patches are not dissolved by the bore solvent, turning into plastic gunk left on the rifling. The tight weave of these patches actually pulls metallic copper flake buildup out of the grooves rather than leaving fibers embedded along the bore. The SupraTine brushes are custom made with more and finer bristles than lesser brands. The belt-pack cases are made of ballistic nylon, with heavy duty zippers. The Bore Obstruction Removers are designed to avoid deforming a stuck bullet and will gently force it out of the bore with multiple taps from the Memory-flex rod. The Memory-flex rod is nylon coated aircraft grade cable with compression welded fittings that will support over a quarter ton of pull force!

The Otis Premium Bore Cleanser is one of the most advanced cleaning solutions ever developed. It will clean, penetrate, lubricate and leave a protective coating on all metal serfaces, without damaging the surrounding wood or plastic components. The solid forged brass tips and brushes will not corrode or oxidize like aluminum. Aluminum oxide forms on aluminum rods, and like sandpaper will lap your bore with each pass, often followed by a significant loss of accuracy. It is silly to buy a $20,000 target rifle and then clean it with inferior components. You can clean your gun with the Otis kit thousands of times without a brass component ever scratching your muzzle or bore. Each kit comes with detailed informaiton on how to properly clean and care for your firearm. Try the Otis System - it will last a lifetime, and you'll spend more time shooting and less time cleaning!

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