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Ciener 22 Conversion Kit

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Could anyone recommend the type of ammo perfered by your Ciener 22 conversion kit? Of all of the recommended brands, only Remington High Vilocity will work.

Recently I bought a new batch of ammo and my kit did not function at all. I bought a new batch of the stuff and it works much better. Anyone else experience this too?

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the bolts in Ciener .22 units. That involved drilling a lot of shallow holes, and grinding a lot of metal off of the sides of the recoil spring housing. Then they worked just fine. I have also had to shim up the tension of the extractor, as well as trim down the tops of magazines, polish nearly everything, etc.
continues. Simultaneous with something can just be coincidence. It is not necessarily cause and effect. Look carefully for debris that might be preventing free movement of the disconnector and its spring., Stantard trigger parts, or one of the drop in trigger jobs?
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