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Ciener 22 Conversion Kit

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Could anyone recommend the type of ammo perfered by your Ciener 22 conversion kit? Of all of the recommended brands, only Remington High Vilocity will work.

Recently I bought a new batch of ammo and my kit did not function at all. I bought a new batch of the stuff and it works much better. Anyone else experience this too?

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Called the Manufacturer. Mentioned that the jamming could be caused by poorly manufactured 22 ammunition. I tried another batch of Remington high volocity and it seemed to work. Now my trigger does not work. The latch that holds the trigger does not want to let go and let the trigger machanism move forward. Could it be from a lack of cleaning? I always spray it off with gunscrubber when cleaning. Anybody else ever experience the same problems?

In short, the rifle was jamming up in between shots. I switched ammo and now the trigger mechanism does not want to work.

I took it to a gunsmith I know and I am going to have him take a look at it.

I would be greatful for any deas anybody may have.

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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