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I have Ciener conversion kit up for sale on an auction site. I bought it used and have never installed it. It was sold to me as fitting my 186 series. Ciener website list 2 versions: one fitting 181-187 & 190-192 and 500 series guns and another kit that fits 188,189 & from 193 up to (but not including) the the 500 series.

I received a question from a potential buyer as to how I can guarantee which kit I have for sale and I don't really know what the differences are.
There is no documentation on the box. The cover sticker says "For the Mini 14/AC556 Rifle". The manual inside covers both kits but doesn't specifically say what the difference is. I did search on this site and found a post showing 2 different kits.

My kit appears to be the one on top without the aluminum washer on recoil spring guide rod. Since the box sticker references the AC556 I'm guessing its for the early model guns but I don't know enough about AC's to know what series they are.

I'm not even going to try calling Ciener cause that would be a waste of time. At this point I'm probably going to cancel the auction until I get it figured out. Don't want to sell somebody the wrong thing.

Any thoughts?
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