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Cheapest Pistols? but Reliable

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Need your comments on pistols that are cheap but reliable, that's all that I'm wanting, cheaper than dirt.

What about the M9, Address below, $236 American

Would like your comments: which would be the cheapest pistol that you would use.combat ect

I like 9mm because this is the cheapest fun with a loud bang.:2guns:
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Hi DocWagon

Yes I agree that it's the gov't price, not for public.

The CZ-75B has an all body steel, not many pistols have this anymore.

I live in New Zealand, do not know where to buy one from. American I can not purchase because of the permit required, massive costs & time.

Hi DocWagon

thanks for this information.

Have emailed Australia & will see what they will say, to buying from them.

In Australia, there is know government charges for export permits, but the local dealer will charge for his time in writing out the permits ect.

Last year I was thinking of buying in Au but one of the dealers over there said if you only order one pistol, then it may not be worth the trouble.

But we will see with this dealer, thank again
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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