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This weekend I bought a leupold Wind River spotting scope. It was reasonable at $200 including a bandoleer of Danish 30-06 in clips. So far it seems pretty good although it hasn’t been to the range yet. Field of view is pretty bad but iti is very clear. . I know spotting scopes go for between $40 and $2,000 so I am hoping it works out well. My question is who has experience with the high end of the cheap lines of riflescopes and the low end of the expensive ones. I currently have two scoped rifles. My mini has the cheapest 4X that wall mart sells and my Ruger M-77 has a Simmons 3X9 40mm that was part of a package (has the Ruger eagle on one of the caps) I don’t really like either of them and want to upgrade. I am thinking of the Leupold VariX IIs which go for about $200. Has anyone used them. Would I perhaps be better off buying the top of a cheap line rather than the bottom of a good line? I eventually want a 2X7 for the mini and a 3X 9 for the .308. any advice in would be appreciated. I want to keep it to about $200 each. (by the way My Garand from CMP is finally in the mail, whoo whoo)
Jeff :usa:

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Hello Jeff,
With Optics saying you get what you pay for is an under statement. When choosing a new rifle scope stick with the premium brands such as Leupold or Burris they offer Real
after the sale service and tech support and you Know where
they were made. Budget priced scopes are garbage they will fail
on you PERIOD! you will experience things like shatterd crosshairs
fogged lenses and jammed power rings I know because i worked in a large gun shop here in new york for years and seen hundreads of these piece of crap scopes come back with the problems i mentiond above.
I have responded to several forums from people like your self
looking for advice on buying good optics and i gave my opinion
and it is a fact that people love cheap scopes and defend them
even after they let them down, why? :confused:.
Yes the crap scopes come with warrentys but who cares
if they will replace it after it screws up I NEED ONE THAT WONT FAIL IN THE FIRST PLACE.
My advice is to get a Leupold Or Burris ,If you want to keep your cost down Leupold offers its New VX1 line that starts at under $180.00 or Burris offers it's FullField II that starts at $199.00.
Both of these companys offer higher grade models that have more features and cost alot more but thats up to your personal

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Hi Jeff, I also like my Wind River spotting scope, the key is to get a sturdy tripod for it. I got the $14 one from midway it seems to work well, except in a high wind which causes the scope to vibrate. I can see 22 cal bullets at up to 200 yds. and even the 1/2" lines on the targets. It isn't chrystel clear, but clear enough. I compared it to the Simmons Hydrosport, and the $200 bushnell. The leupold won out on quality.

I also have cheep bushnell sports view 3-9x32, a 6-20x44mm world class Tasco target scope(their top end, but now their no questions asked lifetime warrentee isn't worth dirt as they were bought out by Bushnell), (SAVE YOUR MONEY ON THE CHEAP SCOPES!) And 2ea. 3-9x40mm Leupold vari x II I bought at Academy sports for $179. As soon as I got home and put the leupold on my Mini-14, I went back to the store, and bought another for my .308. It is very clear, and the image filles the whole tube so the field of view seems larger. Leupolds also have a generous eye relief so you can set it up a way from your eye. It is warenteed forever no mater who owns it. You might also check the local pawn scopes. Burris is another good quality scope.
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