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Can't find the maker of the gas

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pipe or bushing. The one that makes the set of little pipes to replace the stock Ruger one. I intend on getting that, and that Green Acraglass kit! Now I am beginning to think my 2 and 3 inch 100 yard groups are not good enough. Does anyone know the guys address that makes those little pipes?

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Here ya go

NW Shooters Support
Beaverton, Oregon
Phone: 503-643-6136
"Mike in Oregon"<[email protected]>
Ballistics Consulting & Pressure testing
Laser Rangefinder & Varmint Bench Rental
Moly Coating
.45acp to .450 Magnum/.45Super Conversion Kits
Ruger Mini-14/30 Gas Port Kit & 4lb triggers
Ruger 10/22 trigger work
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