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Can someone help me out?

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I'm new to this board and wanted some help as to where to go to get barrel work done? I'm staying away from Accuracy in Texas, and talked to Accuracy in Colorado & he seemed like he knew his stuff, I just don't know of anyone whom has used his finish product. I also talked to DRC custom guns and I like his Mini package. What about CPC and their muzzle weighted Shilen barrel? I'm new to the Mini game and I am SICK of the AR15 groupies. Any help would be appreciated, as this rifle will be a Prarie dog killing machine if all goes well.
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One more thing...I'm so glad I found this forum because I have had nothing but $%%^*^* told to me on other forums(AR15, Assaultweb Etc..) because I asked a Mini-14 question. I have a Custom Ar15 with over $1,200 into it and I hate it, I just love my Mini-14 more.Thanks for the help, Mini-14's are the best and Bill Ruger...R.I.P..
What about those Shilen Muzzle weighted barrels? Has anyone tried one? I have two Mini's so one I would like to hook up with a Heavy barrel for Prarie Dog shooting. Is it worth it?
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