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Camera Land's Post SHOT Show Specials

It's been a few weeks since SHOT Show ended and we have almost organized all the shipments and have put together exciting things for 2013.
We have had meetings with Brunton as well as with Leupold and we are pleased to announce that we are moving forward to be authorized dealers for both.

Our meeting with Brunton was enlightening. They have been around a long time, however, they have been a non-player in the optics industry, IMO. They did little if any marketing, which is a shame as the quality of their products is amazing. After seeing their product line we can't wait to get all their glass in here.
To start off running with them we have brought in a significant quantity of their Brunton Echo 3-9x40 - BDC Reticle (Part# F-ECHO3940-5) which we are offering for only $149.99 with a little bit of a twist. To introduce the Brunton line we are offering this scope with a "Buy it, Try it, Love it or Return it" sale. That's right, if you get this scope, use it and do not agree that it is more than worth the $149.99 you paid for it, send it back for a full refund for up to 2 months from the time you bought it.
To make their products worry free they have also made very clear that their warranty is an all inclusive, use it hard with no worries as you are covered for life, warranty.
I think in the next short while you'll be seeing lots of their products as well as positive reviews being posted by guys who discover the Brunton line.

We are in the process of finilizing everything up with Leupold and I would think by the end of the month we'll be authorized dealers. Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts as to which products we should be strong with as you probably know thier product line better that we do (at least for the time being).
We will work very closely with the Leupold rep to bring news, products and service to you.

As usual, we purchased as much of the display product & demos from Leica, Minox, Steiner, Swarovski, Zeiss and we even got some things from Zen-Ray.

We grabbed some outstanding values on close-outs and soon to be close-out goods.

Certain items that we bought all the remaining inventory of in order to offer super discounts on.......

Minox ZA-3 3-9x40 Riflescopes for only $249.99

Minox ZA-3 3-9x50 Riflescopes for only $300.00 with your choice of a 8x25, 10x25, 8x42 or 10x42 Minox BF series binocular.

Minox MD50 Angled & Straight Spotting Scopes @ only $219.99

Leica CRF-1000 Rangefinders brand new for only $469.99 or with the Leica CRF-Tripod Adapter for only $499.99. We even have their display units from the show for only $399.99.
If the Leica CRF-1600-B is your preference we have those display units as well @ $699.99.

Steiner totally came through for us with:
Steiner 8x22 Safari Pro Binocular @ only $99.99
Steiner 8x22 Predator Pro Binocular @ only $119.99
Steiner 10x42 Police Binocular @ only $399.99, reduced from $599.99.

For those of you who want a fantastic high end Tactical scope take a look at their Steiner Military/Tactical 5-25x56mm G2 Mil-Dot Reticle, #5525 & Steiner Military/Tactical 5-25x56mm MSR Reticle, #5550. We received some never mounted display units at a significant savings.

On a high end Spotter we are very excited to offer you the ZEN-RAY - ZEN ED2 - 20-60x82mm Angled Spotter for only $869.99, reduced from $1199.99 as a special post SHOT Promo.

Please visit all of our demo pages:
Leica, Minox, Nikon, Pentax, Steiner, Swarovski, Zeiss & Zen-Ray

A few items of note, in new product, that we have started to receive:

Minox ZE 5i 2-10x50 Illuminated German #4 Reticle, #66564 riflescope. This is totally made in germany and was a very impressive addition for Minox.

Zeiss Conquest HD-5 5-25x50 riflscopes in all 4 offered reticle versions.

We have received a nice sized delivery of the hard to locate Swarovski 10x42 EL Range as well as their Swarovski STX Modular Eyepiece Straight, #49902 for their new 65mm, 85mm & 95mm Modular Objective Spotters

If you do not find what you're looking for please feel free to contact Doug or Neil @ 212-753-5128 or [email protected]
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