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..with some questions about their cheaper and unusual milsurps.

The items I was interested in were the so-called Turkish Lebel carbines, any of their Carcanos, their Jap Type 38 and the 1888 Hanyang mauser.

The rep said that the only good condition or better deal was the 41 Carcano long rifle priced at $55 in their catalog but she (the rep) told me it was $65. She also said the Lebels were poor as well as the Carcano carbines of two different types. The Hanyangs she said were only fair. I neglected to ask about the Japs.

So, I may add a 41 Carcano to my collection soon but I'll pass on the poor condition rifles as long as $50 from most of the other importers will at least get you a good to much better condition Mosin or Turk mauser.

Just thought you may be interested,
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