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cabelas single action 45

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Anyone bought one of these yet? I almost know what to expect, but a centerfire .45 LC for $229.00 might be fun to play with/work on.

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I bought one when they were still $199.95 plus shipping. I like it but it is obviously not up to the quality standards of the $400 -$1000 revolvers. I had a trigger job done on it becasue of grittiness which also involved replacing springs because of cracks; this is after about 500 rounds. The bore was extremely rough from machining so I shot 25 or so lapping rounds through it which really improved smoothness of the bore but it's still a mite rough. The forcing cone had to be re-cut. I also had the barrel turned because it shot about 8" to the left of point of aim at 25 yards. I have about $160 in gunsmith expenses in it.

I have read reports of people shooting black powder with their .45s but I use Unique, W231, Universal Clays. It's fun and have impressed other shooters by knocking over steel plates at 50 yards.
In the new Cabela's catalog, they are now $249.99.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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