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Cabelas Match Hammer and Sear

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Does anybody in this forum have the Match Hammer and Sear from Cabela's installed in his 10/22, and if so what's your experience with it? I can't find the manufacturer in their product discription. Does anybody know who it's made by?

Thanks in advance,

TheGermanGuy :sniper:
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Welcome to the forum TheGermanGuy, and Swede. I installed 2 Volquartsen match hammer kits, in the 2 rifles I'm building. It cost $31, and reduced trigger pull from 7# to a smooth 2 1/2#. Just drop in parts. Easy to do. I also installed an auto bolt release, I paid $9.95. When I compared it to my stock release, I said I can do that. Just ground out the hart shap into an oval shape. Did it for my brother 2 days ago. When he saw how well it worked he looked like :D. I also installed an extended mag release. Works really nice, and a WeaponKraft Bolt buffer. ($5 for 1. I ordered 3 for $10. Really quiets the action, and prolongs the life of the receiver. (Ya know, a bolt hammering away at a steel pin in an alum receiver) Will probably get a bug tunner to tune the barrel to the ammo. I really like this stuff. Have already gotton some comments at the range. Like "You mean you built that rifle?" ;)
I have seen pictures of the inside of Cabellas, it is awsome, with the animals stuffed in there. Also you get first crack at the "Bargin Cave"!!!
I dryfired a couple of times with a piece of cardboard in the action to protect the firing pin and it feels very smooth.
I save a few empty cases to use as snap caps for dry firing to save the chamber. It works for me. :D
Hey germanguy, now lets see 5/8" groups = .625" groups, now that sounds good to me. I'd bet the flyers is do to the lack bedding.

The Fed GMTarget, I haven't tried them, but I'm glad they work for ya. I was distracted this week end so didn't place the order for ammo, and other goodies, didn't get my pictures taken or posted. I will this week for shure.
Originally posted by TheGermanGuy

I guess I'll be bedding my baby at some point. Since you did both your 10/22s do you have any pointers for someone who has never done a bedding job before?
Be happy to if ya arn't in to big a hurry. I took some pictures of the bedding, I will post when I get them developed.
Thanks mike for the tip. I was thinking of doing the same thing, but installing it thru the trigger guard.
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