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Cabela's Magazines?

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Cabela's carries 20 and 30 round magazines for the mini-14 and mini-30s. The mini-30 30 rounders are around $29 and blue. The mini-14 30 rounders are about the same or $33 for the nickel plated mags. I called and asked them who made them. They said Triple K. I talked to their service rep. He said they are good and are guaranteed to work or I can send them back. Anyone have any experience with these mags?
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NOTPARS, Enter tripple K, several posts come up. PMI's, and Promags work for me. :D
Hey BillVan. Just curious, what series mini do you have, and is it Ranch or Regular mini?
The only cheap mags I bought was from CDNN. 2- 20rds, and 2- 30 rds. For 9.99, and 12.99. They are Western. I'm not recommeding them, for all the negative posts I've read here, but If I leave 2 rounds out of each. They work in my 196 series mini. Maby I was just lucky. I figured at 9.99 I wouldn't loose much. My 30 rd PMI's are about 3/8" longer so there is more room for the spring.
mikr, I was refering to the Western mags not CDNN. The order I got from them was prompt, and what I ordered.
NOTPARS goodluck on your finals.;)
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