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Cabela's Magazines?

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Cabela's carries 20 and 30 round magazines for the mini-14 and mini-30s. The mini-30 30 rounders are around $29 and blue. The mini-14 30 rounders are about the same or $33 for the nickel plated mags. I called and asked them who made them. They said Triple K. I talked to their service rep. He said they are good and are guaranteed to work or I can send them back. Anyone have any experience with these mags?
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Not to defend Bill Ruger, but the real blame for the hi-cap magazine ban lies in Washington. Without the tacit approval of our senators and representatives, who have the power to obliterate the ban, it would not be in effect. Old Bill sure did his part to stab his customers in the back, but he had a lot of help from others!
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