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Cabela's Magazines?

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Cabela's carries 20 and 30 round magazines for the mini-14 and mini-30s. The mini-30 30 rounders are around $29 and blue. The mini-14 30 rounders are about the same or $33 for the nickel plated mags. I called and asked them who made them. They said Triple K. I talked to their service rep. He said they are good and are guaranteed to work or I can send them back. Anyone have any experience with these mags?
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Thanks, I ordered three for me and several for my dad down in Texas. I'll tell you what, this mini-14 magazine hunt has turned into a real pain. It seems like there are a lot out there:





and others, but who knows which are worth buying? I've had good and bad luck at gun shows. For My VEPR II, no problem, I just buy an AK-47 mag and it works!

Are there any mini-14 mini-30 magazines that are any good?
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Thanks, I was just about to ask who was the person responsible for this nonsense. Did Ruger make factory mags for either the mini-14 or mini-30 in 20 or 30 round capacities? If so, are they available anywhere for less the a treasure only Indiana Jones could find?
Hey thanks for the information. I know to keep an eye out for them now. What would you say is the most I should pay for factory Ruger mags in 20 or 30? And you did say they could be rebuilt?
Thank you sir for the information. I will check them out.
This magazine thing has turned into a bit of a headache. It seems that there is something wrong with just about all of them. I can't believe the prices for the Ruger mags.

Anyway, here is my latest question. I do have a Triple K mag for my mini-30. I have only tried seating it. It seats find, BUT, I can push on the base and make it go up and down a little. Do you think its going to work? My USA Mags fit so tight I almost have to use a come along to get them back out. Why don't I shoot it and see? I work full time and go to college at night. I have no time until the end of April. Then I'll take out the Cabela's mag and see. I was just wondering if anyone had any insight on the mag being able to go up and down a little...?
Thanks for the information. It wasn't what I hoped to read but you may have saved me a bunch more headaches. I already ordered the mags so I'll give them a try and see what happens. I guess I can send them back. Cheaper than Dirt has mags fairly cheap. Some are nickel plated and I believe they are USA mags. Run about $15 or $20 a piece. Do you have any advice on Cheaper than Dirt mags?
I was wondering what you mean by a "GB" model? I bought a mini-14, stainless, at Gemco in California back in 1983. It has the polished stainless not the matt finish. The wood is also far superior in color and so forth compared to what they come with now. It is not the ranch model. I also have a super mini on order from ARS.
Thanks for the post. I don't know if I'll praise them or not. I hope its praise. But I learned one thing though, before I buy anymore accessories, I am checking with you all first! Cabela's rep told me they guarantee them to function, they should all work fine, and they will take them back. Now, if they don't work, what does that say about their "guarantee?" Anyway I sure appreciate the advice you all have given. When I do get them, and test them, I will be sure to let you know. Should be in the Middle to late part of May.
Here is what I can tell you for now. The mags were backordered but I have already received two plus the two I sent to my dad. The mags don't want to lock in place with the bolt closed. With the bolt back, they fit fine. My dad called to say that there is a little too much metal in the back which won't allow them to lock in place and the bolt to slide over the top. He is going to try grinding it down a little at a time to see if this will work. If successful, I am going to have him work on mine as well. My last college class is next week. Anytime after that I will be able to try these mags at the range.
Thanks! I need all the help I can get. Like I may have said, the professor hands out books only by Marxists and feminists and the class turned out to be a "women's studies" class...the evil white male if you get my drift. Anyway, when I "play the game" my grade on each paper (there are no tests) goes up and when I critique the book they go down down. The last feminist book tried to use the Bible to support her claims. But she took so much out of context and or misidentified the source, I couldn't let it pass. Too bad because this is her favorite book by her her favorite author. The other students said they were going to slant their work to the professor's point of view for a grade. Anyway, got some shootin to do when I am done!!!
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