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Cabela's Magazines?

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Cabela's carries 20 and 30 round magazines for the mini-14 and mini-30s. The mini-30 30 rounders are around $29 and blue. The mini-14 30 rounders are about the same or $33 for the nickel plated mags. I called and asked them who made them. They said Triple K. I talked to their service rep. He said they are good and are guaranteed to work or I can send them back. Anyone have any experience with these mags?
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You can try them out but I do recall (no links I can find though) that there were complaints about them....for that price, and if they'll stand behind them, give them a might get lucky and find some or all that will work for you.
In standard capacity (20 & 30)? Ruger factory. The rest of the aftermarkets all seem to have complaints made against them at one time or another. This is one instance where AKs and AR's (USGI surplussed) and their abundantly available reliable magazines put the mini's to shame. After all, Bill Ruger was the start of the reductions you see now to 10 and now 5 round magazines--the lowly public had no need for 20 and 30 round magazines, according to him. Just LEO's and military have the right to them, he figured.
Mini-14 had both available, and I have one of each. I did not realize that the 20 rounder was a rarity, and it is my favorite mag to use out of all of them. Alas, they command a fortune now, I got lucky at a show in Melbourne,FL where one seller only had a few things to sell who sold me a 30 round factory mag for $40-it had a bit of rust on the side of the body. Everything matched up and it was authentic-he originally wanted $45-I showed him I had only two $20s left after buying a Bushmaster, and he said sold!:D The fella did not know what he was selling, and he obviously wasn't a regular seller. Flawless performer and only very recently changed the spring, it was having problems with 27-28 rounds loaded, new spring=flawless again.
It's hard to say in regards to the current pricing. I saw a couple of NIB factory 30 rd mags going for $150 a piece at the fun show in Orlando recently. They are outrageously priced and only going up. I myself won't pay such a premium, and won't pay more than $50 per mag myself. I lucked out on that one from Melbourne. I really don't know what limit you should set for the mags-I know they certainly aren't getting any cheaper.
And yes they can be rebuilt-easily. Springs and floorplates are available, and I suggest you inspect the follower you intend to replace with as I stay with the "anti-tilt" style (characterized by longer stems to combat tilting). I was waiting to hear if someone has used USGI AR/M16 springs in the minis as they are cheap and plentiful--I guess I'll try it myself this weekend.
Originally posted by BillVan
(Seems I spend my time hunting for good deals more that hunting game.)
Ain't that the truth?......
The AW ban is due to sunset on 13 Sep 04, unless reinstated..:D
Mr. Ruger can be blamed for the very start of the compromising and backstabbing in regards to standard capacity magazines, which were factory supplied back then when you picked up a new rifle. It was Bill who lies with the blame in regards to reductions in mag capacity-something that many people have not forgotten. Lastly you could blame the rest of us for voting in the politicians that supported the anti-gun candidate will never get my vote or support, and fewer and fewer people are voting anymore, aka apathy.:mad:
BillVan, the mags from Cabela's are amde by Triple K, and they will honor a return even after test-firing-they state that they guarantee them to work.
I am sure NOTPARS will either praise or damn them when he gets them in his AAR to us:D-I called up Cabela's a while ago now that I remember it, and they did state that they were Triple K mfg.,and that they stood behind them to work even after firing with them. I then recall some thread either here or on with someone getting them from Midway and then complaining and sending them back for exchange (I believe?). I do not recall what ultimately happened but with my bad experience with USA garbage (which is where they ended up-I wouldn't even sell them to my worst enemy), I decided not to chance it.
The one really bad thing about mini's, the lack of reliable and inexpensive standard capacity magazines:mad:
CDNN investments has been on a few FFL dealers' blacklist, and I was not surprised to see them mentioned here at all.
NOTPARS, you say middle of May, is Cabela's backordered on these? In any case, let us know what happens, and if you have access to another mini or a friend with one, you can always test them out on more than just one gun, for comparison purposes.
NOTPARS, grinding, cutting, or just plain whacking the mags with a sledgehammer;) might void their return warranty.
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