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C&R questions

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I've been considering getting a C&R license for some time now. I have two questions for those that already have thiers.

1) I hope to get my FFL dealers license in the future, How will having my C&R affect things at that time?

2) I've recently developed an interest in rook rifles and the Martini cadets. Can I import guns from overseas for my personal collection using a C&R or would I need an importers license?

Thanks for the help
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Originally posted by PJA
Don't know about question #2, but you can have both a regular FFL and a C & R at the same time. It is my understanding this is an advantageous situation.
Please explain what would be advantageous about having an 01 and 03 at the same time? I'm not sure I agree with the general nature of the comment without a bit more information on why you say this. Or, is this a California thing?

Remember, anything you would transfer from yourself as an 01 to yourself as an 03 would have to be held in your personal collection for 1 year minimum from the date of transfer. (178.125a)

Any state taxes would probably still be due on the value of the transaction, too, although the Feds wouldn't care to much about state taxes, I don't believe.
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