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C.M. Needs help

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OK guys, here is what I need. I have a pre-ban mini 14 already. With lots of mags and ammo. I got rid of an older AK that I could not hit the side of a barn with even if I was in it. The question is, do I get another mini 14 or a mini 30......I have 500 rounds of 7.62 from my AK, but nothing else. Thanx for the imput. C.M. out.....
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I have done my time with AK's......I and my son do not like them as much as other semi's...They are great firearms, but just not for me. I have a nice AR. A new M4.....Not ever having a mini 30 I was thinking of seeing if I like them. And I do like my pre-ban mini 14. Its tricked out. Bayo. lug, folder, flash fider and so on. This new one would be standard.
One thing that I should have put down is that I am a south paw. I shoot Lt handed. I like the controls of the mini over the AK's and SKS's. I am doing some traiding so I do not have the $. just some traidin.
Thanx for the imput guys. I just got a nice standard SS with wood stock mini 14. With mags and ammo I have I'm already up to speed. I hope it shoots a little tighter than my pre-ban. I think I'll put my muzz break with the M1A type front site on it. So I'm out of the AK business and back to only AR's and mini's.
PS. The guy I got the mini from is willing to swap even my 7.62 rounds for 223.
Hay quadfan, do ya have a web site about the south paw AR's. I have herd about them but have never seen one. And thanx for the imput gang.
Kool, thanx. Will go there soon. CM, out.
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