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Just bought 2 boxes of these from CTD.
.223 Remington BVAC FMJ 62 Grain 500 Round Box 2950 fps Inspected Once-Fired Brass
My mini Tactical loves 62gr. ammo and these "re-manufactured" .223 look to fill the bill.
I plan on going to the range tomorrow and popping off about 40 to see for sure.
Got the first 500 vac. packed with the ol' reliable SEal-A-Meal in 100 round bags. Then my eyes started to cross and I decided to do this post while they rest.
Brass is very clean and has a sort of waxy feel, I guess from the reload process. Did notice 1 round having a small ding in the case. Not nearly enough to affect anything.
Had 8 over the 500.
Looks to be very well made.
Give you a range report tomorrow on their performance.
Here are some pics.


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