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Butler Creek (and other) Folding Stock Tip

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Ever shot your Butler Creek folder or fixed folder in cold weather? How'd that steel tubing feel on your cheek? In sub-zero cold, it could freeze or even strip off some of your skin.
We've all seen the neat little strap-on cheekrests sold for about $20-$30. Here's a cheap fix.

Go to an autoparts store and buy at least 5 in. of 5/8" I.D. rubber heater hose. Black, of course.
Now, buy some small black plastic nylon wire ties, You know, the ones with the little square box on one end, and has a one-way lock in it for the other end of the tie.
Now, take a box-cutter, and trim the hose to 5" length. Next, slit the hose down its length.
Slip the hose over the straight portion of the BC stock, where your cheek rests. Slit facing down.
Check that the stock still locks in the folded position. It should. If not, adjust length and/or position of tubing.
Last step is to use two wire ties to affix either end. Make sure the final position of the box-like lock doesn't interfere with closing the stock or your cheek. Directly on the bottom seems to work.
Zip 'em up tight, and trim the protruding end of the tie FLUSH with the lock. Don't just nip it off, that thing can be SHARP.
Done. You've saved yourself about $25, got a little better cheek weld, and no more frozen cheeks.
At least on your face, that is!
Other Metallic stock owners can use the same principle to adapt the above to their stock. The length and I.D. of the tubing may differ, but the Idea ought to work.
Good luck!
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