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Is it pinned on,pressed on,or have set screws? I've only briefly seen one and I think it was pressed on. If this is the case,you will need a press or large vise. I've used a vise to remove pressed on brakes before,it's not too hard. You will need to make a bracket of some sort to hold the brake against one of the jaws (if you are not going to reuse it,you could even tack weld it to the top of the jaw),and then (this is how I did it)use a motorcycle tie-down to secure the rest of the gun to the other jaw. Be careful and pad it with rags so as not to scar the finish.What you are going to do is use the force of the jaws spreading to pull the brake off.This is definitly the poor man's way,but if you be careful,and take your time, it should be fine.The more securely you affix both ends, the easier it will be.If all this sounds overwhelming,maybe ask a friend (preferably a machinist!!) If you don't have a machinist friend,go get one and treat him well,because they can save you lots of money and headaches!!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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