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Bush stabbing us in the back?

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Check this out, looks like Bush wants to continue the "assault weapon" ban.......
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Quite a few people I know voted for Bush with memories of how his dad sold us out in the back of their minds. People who support the Second Amendment will most certainly turn against him on this issue. You guys are doing a great job letting everyone know. I downloaded the article and am making copies to share with everyone. I belong to the Western Missouri Shooters Alliance and will be taking copies to our next meeting. We also let our new Senator, Jim Talent, know before the election that our continuing support for him will depend on how he votes on this issue. I am hoping this ban is over-turned and then we can begin on the next issues:

1. National right to carry
2. Elimination of the rifle magazine capacity ban:2guns:
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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