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So only nearly 3 years after it's first announcement, Burris has finally released it's AR Pivot Ring (or flip to side magnifier mount). It was originally slated to be released in 2010 to be used with it's first gen AR tripler. I read that Burris encountered resistance due to patent infringement and had to engineer it differently, although on the surface it looks the same as it's original photo.

I was also considering the Primary Arms flip to side mount, but it didn't have a quick detach release and it has been out of stock for a while. Besides the Burris and the Primary Arms FTS mounts there isn't much of a mid range price selection. It is either ultra high end (La Rue and Samson) or the low end Ebay/Sightmark mounts. Also there is a bit of issue trying to determine the height of some of these mounts, as most manufacturers and retailers don't advertise the actual dimension.

I am using an Aimpoint PRO with it's factory QRP2 mount which is an absolute cowitness setup. Fortunately the Burris AR Pivot Ring lines up perfectly, although when I ordered it I wasn't 100% certain this would be the case. At least I avoid having to order another mount or spacer for my Aimpoint. The pivot ring is really well built and locks the magnifier in both positions, and the push button needs to be depressed each time it is moved. At first the button and side to side action were extremely stiff, but after spraying the joints and contact surfaces with a few drops of Ballistol, it works very smoothly now.

It is easily mounted and removed with it's lockable quick release throw lever. The mount can be installed and removed quickly and easily with one hand, giving the shooter the alternative option of just removing the magnifier from the weapon vs flipping it to the side. The QD lever is also adjustable to accommodate any rail size variation and ensure the mount is tight (but not too tight). It can be mounted so it flips to either the right or the left, although it appears that it was designed primarily to be flipped to the right side. The button would have to be facing away from the shooter if it is mounted to the left, making it a bit more uncomfortable to flip (especially right hand dominate shooters like myself), but not impossible. For the moment I have it mounted to flip to the right, and it appears that the magnifier will be up out of the path of flying brass. While flipped to the side it places the magnifier in a good position to be used as a spotting scope. All in all it is well worth the $70 price tag, and is one of the better flip to side mount options. Buy with confidence!
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