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Bump Fire Systems present Safe and precise way to bumpfire your semi-automatic rifle.

Please check our youtube Video

AR15 Bump Fire System
- Installs in minutes.
- No Gunsmith required.
- No modification to your rifle.
- Compatible with Commercial and Mil. Spec. buffer tubes.
- Compatible with gas piston and direct impingement (gas tube).
- Simple to Install and operate - Check Instructions here
- Lots of fun without spending fortune on NFA items.

Did you know that you could do full auto-speed firing and it would be absolutely legal? Bump Fire Systems is here to introduce you Bump Fire stock which gives you a possibility to recreate a feeling of the automatic firing. You can use it with your semi-automatic weapon by gripping the fore-end of the barrel and pulling it forward. Bump fire performed using a gun's recoil to shot multiple rounds.
Why is it Legal?
Since our bump fire stock is incapable of initiating an automatic firing cycle that continues until either the finger is released or the ammunition supply is exhausted. Firearms Technology Branch (FTB) finds that it is not a machine gun as defined under Gun Control Act, 18 U.S.C.921(a)(23)

Available in USA
Intro price $99.99 Shipped via Priority Mail 2-3 days delivery.

Bump Fire Systems » AR15 System

We are looking looking for resellers. Please contact us for details.

Feel free to ask any questions. Thank you for your business.
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