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:) I bought the muzzelite bullpup stock for my mini-30. It has a few advantages and a few disadvantages. I ended up taking it off a few days after putting it on.

1. It's really cool looking, handy, and short.
2. It has cheap stock sights (not really good), but you can add a weaver type site (I had a nice Holographic red dot).

1. It's completely plastic. I wondered if it the reciever would shoot loose after a time (meaning that stock mounted scope/site won't stay lined up with barrel).
2. The trigger is a plastic, foot long rod that pushes on the original trigger. Terrible unless you have a trigger job on original rifle.
3. If you can find a reliable hi cap mag, 20 rounders are probably the largest that will fit -at least on the mini-30 (the curved magazine hits the grip upon insertion.
4. Disassembling for complete cleaning is a b*tch. No access to trigger area without complete disassmebly.
5. Butt heavy.
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