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Buck stops here

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Well, the first buck of the season walked in to the spot I was hunting in on the ranch. One round of the remmington cor-lock 7.62x39mm, the bullet stuck just 2" above the heart the buck moved about 11feet then fell over, that was it, meat on the table. I was using the mini 30.with a new hogue stock that I got just a few days ago, sure glad I did like it better than the chote stock I had on it before.The bushnell 1.5x4.5x32 was all the scope I needed here, the buck was 92yards away, in thick woods.I have found that the black warrior double muzzle brake, buffer tech recoil buffer,going to a smaller gas bushing made the mini 30 a good shooter, thinking about more improvements in the near future, will have to do the same to the mini14 have only done the same upgrades on it as the mini 30above. Got to get on the phone to midway usa and order another hogue stock tommorow before the sale ends. Singleside out. :usa: :ar15: :rapid:
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wow. i guess that answers my question of 'can 7.62 provide ethical kills on deer' do you think that 7.62 is overkill for coyote, though?
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