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Bubba's pride and joy

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I had some down time so I decided to take a snapshot and post it...


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Thanks Grey Bear,

Unfortunately, the scope is not mine, I'm kinda of "permanently" borrowing it from my friend, hehe. I believe it one of the first aimpoint models to hit the market. My friend bought it for his calico m900 in the early nineties. Other than the dot being a little big, I love it.

The muzzlebreak is AK74 style from bushmaster and I have bedded the stock and put in Mike's bushing and buffer. He also did my trigger. I haven't had a chance to try it yet cause of all the snow :(

BTW I'll check out that cheek rest :)
Every year or so I go to Jim Thorpe to play paintball at Skirmish USA :)

I live about 50 miles west of Albany in NY. We definitely got a good whollop this year with snow. I usually go out in my neighbor's corn field to shoot (about 1 mile from my house) but I don't think my Nissan Sentra would make it very far in those fields right now, hehehe.
Hey cajungeo,

The rings are the stock 1" rings that came with my ranch. It just so happens that the old aimpoint has a 1" tube. Unfortunately, I think most of the new red dots are 30mm, I guess to give a wider field of view. I know Leupold has a whole bunch of different mini 14 rings, including 30mm. I don't know what ruger charges, but the leupold rings are upward of $60, ouch :(
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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