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well, sort of. my neighbor brought this over the other day to see if i could figure anything out to "fix" it. its a model 1917 "enfield" 30-06 thats been sporterized along the way. i have one just like it, so thought it was neat that my neighbor should pop up with one too.

someone along the way removed the rear sight & milled the "ears" off then installed what i suspect was a williams type aperture target sight. it was missing too. looked like someone was trying to put a scope on as the front mount was on the receiver, but nothing on the rear. after looking at the front mount, it was mounted crooked with the holes drilled & tapped at an angle. with the mill work that was done on the rear receiver, there was a 3/16" difference in height so would have been a nightmare to find monts that would work, along with trying to fix the crooked front, so ended up milling this bracket that attaches with the existing target sight holes in the rear & one new hole drilled & tapped up front. this levels everything out & is thick enough that the new ring mounts can be drilled/tapped/mounted thru the bracket only. its been a tedious project so far, but fun. i'll post more pics when its finished.

progress so far:

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