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I ve got some E&L brand Rigid brass catchers for sale fit Mini-14 and Mini-30 RANCH Rifles. You can see them at DELTA FORCES web site <> Put in part no. EL102 and it will show pics and prices... I am asking $29.95 + actual US mail rates normally $4 ... They Are new still in original factory bag... A total savings savings of $9-$10 under catalog prices...
MY E-mail is [email protected] AB

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E&L Brasscatchers and ITC Cheek Rests

E & L Rigid Brass Catchers
Rigid Brass Catchers are uniquely designed to conform to each weapon and snap off and on instantly. Each unit holds a minimum of 60 except 1911 which holds 20, shotgun catchers that hold 5 and the M60 which will hold 100 cases & links. The unit will not interfere with any of the weapons moving parts.
Item # EL101--Mini-14 $34.95
Item # EL102--Mini-14 Ranch & Mini-30 $34.95
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